Emmanuel Smague is more "old school" than "high tech". The tools of his trade : a Leica MP, one lens, and loads of film. "I'm always seeking a closeness and proximity to my subjects, which is why I only use a 35mm lens". His camera gives him an excuse to go up to anybody to meet them, and he will choose his destinations with a photography project in mind : the Transsiberian train, the nomadic people in Mongolia, the ragpickers of Cairo, the inhabitants of Chernobyl, prostitutes in Bangladesh...

A book of his photographs taken in Iraqi Kurdistan is published by "Les Editions de Juillet", and is available at this address.


2012 Estivales Photographiques du Trégor, L'Imagerie, Lannion
2012 "Tchernobyl 2009", Festival Pluie d'Images, Brest
2011 "Chronique d'un été...", Hôtel de Sauroy, Paris
2010 "Old age", EHPAD Pierre-Yvon Trémel, Tréguier
2009 "Transversales", Little Big Galerie, Paris
2009 "Le soleil dans les yeux", Le Carré d'Art, Chartres de Bretagne
2007 "Parenthèses", L'Imagerie, Lannion
2006 "Portraits of the world", Centre Arthur Rimbaud, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

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